Speaking in Sacramento – Robert J. Heilman

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I was a professor of Social Work at Sacramento State University, in Sacramento, California, and also at the time an active member of the local Quaker meeting (Friends Meeting for Worship.)  The word got around that Peace Pilgrim was coming to Sacramento and needed a place to stay and to speak.  I offered my house (where she stayed for one night) and my classroom at Sac State, and also arranged for and offered transportation for her.  The date was about 1970 or so.  She was well received by my graduate class in Social Work, who had many questions for her.  In a couple of days she was back on the road, maybe headed to Southern California, – I don’t remember her route.  That is all I can say for right now.

Of course, years later, up here in Placerville, California, a small group of Friends of Peace Pilgrim started a support group, which I joined while it was here and active.  I met John and Anne Rush while they were here.  Much after Peace Pilgrim had died.

– Robert J. Heilman

Emeritus Professor of Social Work

Sacramento State University


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