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Hi, When I was terrified of being homeless a spiritual friend told me about Peace Pilgrim. That was maybe 17-20 years ago. I’ve passed on her story and books ever since.  It has kept me positive in an unpredictable world.

To Mark,

Mark, I have a crazy gut feeling you’re being stuck because perhaps you’re not meant to go “big time, with a major star”. Have you put out a prayer asking for guidance, (sorry, I’m sure you must have), but also asked what Peace Pilgrim herself would have liked?  My understanding was that she was humble and simple and trusted the process. Perhaps you’re to use an unknown and do this on a lower independent film style budget.  Them this may take on a life of it’s own.

– Morgan Hill

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  1. Slfletcher

    I think that may be the ticket to making this film happen….Perhaps the way Peace Pilgrim would want it made….

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