How it all Began… My Peace Pilgrim story to get the ball rolling!

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Since partnering with the Friends of Peace Pilgrim some five years ago, I have passionately dedicated my life to this momentous endeavor. Soon after discovering Peace Pilgrim, I teamed up with fellow writer-producer, Kerri Randles, to write the in-depth screenplay which is now ready to go into production. It is my belief that this film will convey social messages that will help inform and guide society to a better future, through real-life storytelling that highlights the power of women, the power of conviction, the power of personal transformation and, most importantly, the power of an individual to help shift and evolve the consciousness of society. During our time here in LA, we have met with some of the biggest names in show business in the hope that they will connect with the Peace Pilgrim story and her message. Sadly, Hollywood’s response is always a variation on the same theme: from “Nobody wants to see a movie like this with a female lead; no one will want to play her” to “Her message is too broad – audiences won’t relate to this kind of “spiritual” film.” Well, I beg to differ.

Cheryl Canfield and Mark Skelton unveil the pole at Peaceful Pathways

As you may know, there are literally millions of people around the world who care about Peace Pilgrim’s work and who would love to see a movie celebrating Peace Pilgrim’s life. I have personally received hundreds of messages of support, thanks, and offers of assistance in getting the film made. However, after ‘knocking on Hollywood’s door’ for all these years, I find myself caught in a “chicken and egg” scenario. It goes something like this: I need to secure a female star to play Peace Pilgrim – think Sissy Spacek or Meryl Streep – to then get the Investors to sit up, take notice, and back the film, but first I need investors to help me secure the female star. It’s an endless cycle… and it needs to be broken.  I am positive that with your help, we can do this.  So, spread the word, share on Facebook, Twitter, coffee shops, hairdressers, donate, post your story on this site, anything that helps raise awareness and moves us a steep closer to making this film a reality!

I believe in the power of the individual. I also believe that there is no stopping an idea who’s time has come. This is Peace Pilgrim’s hour. The world is ready to hear her message and we now, like never before in human history, have the technology to come together as ‘single cells in the body of humanity’ and give Hollywood the proverbial kick up the backside!

– Mark Skelton

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