Home for a Meal – Dr. Stephen Doering

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I met Peace Pilgrim during my youth in our home. My mother heard her speak at a local church in Boulder, CO.  She invited Peace to our home for a meal, which Peace kindly accepted.  I remember Peace as a kind, gentle, loving, and humble individual.  She was a great listener. I cherish what she has meant to mankind with her dedication to walking for peace, to help individuals understand that peace comes from within. 

As a result of her actions, she brought joy and happiness to others as she traveled selflessly to reach out to others.  She truly found that God’s kingdom can be experienced here and now, and that everyone can feel the power, presence and science to living through God’s love.  Mankind needs to have an opportunity to share in this wonderful woman’s life through a movie.  It is my hope that Peace Pilgrim will some day be given the Nobel Peace Prize, as she deserves it!

– Dr. Stephen Doering



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