Peace Endorsements

“It is considered the highest level of enlightenment to simply ‘walk as you talk.’ Peace Pilgrim lived out this message and I celebrate her magnificent commitment to peace and harmony in the world. Indeed, she is my hero.”

 – Wayne Dyer, motivational teacher & author


“She gloried in the richness of her inner life and the richness of her connections with people.”

John Robbins, author & environmentalist


 “A wonderful human being who started me thinking. She planted seeds that have grown within me through the years.”

Pat Mische, co-founder Global Education Associates


“A contemporary saint; a woman who experienced enlightenment and then single-mindedly dedicated her life to sharing with the world the peace she had found.”

Roger Walsh, professor of psychiatry, U. C. Irvine


“Peace Pilgrim shines as a model of one person’s power to bring about planetary healing by living in harmony with her heart’s truth.”

Alan Cohen, author of “The Healing of Planet Earth”


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  1. Peace Pilgrm has been, and continues to be, an inspiration to others through her writings and videos on peace.  The world will become a better place to live as her teachings are better understood and practiced.  She should have received the Nobel Peace Prize.

    – Dr. Stephen Doering,

  2. N Nagaraj

    Peace Pilgrim’s life has deeply inspired me for my own quest for Inner Peace.  

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