The Peace Pilgrim movie will be a full-length Hollywood feature that takes you on an epic journey of adventure, wonder, survival and faith like no other. This compelling drama will give today’s audiences the social framework needed for solutions to our personal, societal and global challenges that will help guide humanity to a better future. This gripping true story highlights the power of women, the power of one’s convictions, the power of personal transformation, and the power of an individual to help change the consciousness of society. We invite you to collaborate with us on this breathtaking odyssey by telling us your own story of how Peace Pilgrim affected your life, either in person or through her written words; you can also support us by writing an endorsement for the film or get involved by volunteering your services, skills or donations to help get the movie made. Most importantly, help spread the word by sharing this with your friends!

Mark Skelton


Mark SkeltonMark wanted to explore the world before deciding on a lifelong career. At 20 years old, he bought a one-way ticket around the globe. This trip turned out to be a 5 year adventure of learning and growing, covering more than 40 countries. At 25, Mark landed the job as Arts & Entertainment executive on London’s biggest selling newspaper, The Evening Standard. A new, unfolding world of film premieres and art exhibitions ignited a latent passion for telling stories on film. On turning 30, he decided to set up his own production company and went on to co-produce the award winning two-part documentary, “For the Love of Skype”, with Al Gore’s Current TV Network.

An English screenwriter-producer living in Hollywood, CA. Mark’s dream is to see the story of Peace Pilgrim come to life in a full-length feature film, so that the rest of the world can be transformed by her powerful message of unconditional love.  Read his story here.

I’ll come right out and say it: Peace Pilgrim has changed my life beyond words. My heart is filled with so much appreciation for her that I want to share my experience with as many people as possible.

Kerri Randles


Kerri’s first break into films came in 1993 when Oliver Stone gave her a bit part in, Heaven & Earth, earning Kerri her Screen Actors Guild card. Her first supporting role came in 1994 when she played “Missy” in the Showtime Rebel Highway series, Jailbreakers, directed by William Friedkin. Subsequent roles after that included Marilyn Monroe, in Introducing Dorothy Dandridge for HBO, directed by Martha Coolidge, Poor White Trash, and Scenes of the Crime (film). She recently worked with Angelina Jolie on Clint Eastwood’s, Changeling.

For several years, Kerri has been writing and developing projects for Film, Stage and Television. She helped to bring Alison Eastwood’s directorial debut film, Rails & Ties, to the big screen after a successful tour of the festival circuit.

Most recently, Kerri has developed the upcoming documentary-style show for television, The Breeders. She is also hard at work on a longtime project recounting her interesting journey to Hollywood for a one-woman show, “Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’?”, which has also evolved into a book deal for her memoir.

Kerri was introduced to Peace Pilgrim by fellow producer Mark Skelton. Since coming on board the project, she has also taken on the mission of bringing this great story to the world.

Your Role

So, how can you become part of this ‘silver-haired woman’s’ epic drama of adventure, hope, wonder, survival and faith of the human spirit? My simple idea is to raise enough grassroots support to enable us to make Meryl Streep (and the rest of Hollywood) sit up and listen. Once we get their attention, they’ll realize the power of Peace Pilgrim’s life and work and its potential to transform humanity.

This Peace Pilgrim movie website is dedicated solely for this purpose. We would like to hear your Peace Pilgrim stories… did you meet Peace on her pilgrimage? How did her writings influence you? Do you have any interesting, entertaining anecdotes we could include in the final screenplay? We would appreciate your endorsements for the upcoming movie. We will post your endorsement for the film to Hollywood movers and shakers and, finally, you can help spread the word by sharing our website link with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or any other social gathering you attend in the real world! If enough individuals come together as one, we will make cinematic history together. A truly united, grassroots ‘n’ boots movie that, I believe, would put a smile on Peace Pilgrim’s face.